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Powered WheelChair Motors

MotionTech brand electric wheelchair motor. 200 watts, 300 watts, 400 watts, 550 watts, 700 watts options. It is a world brand that will serve you for many years without any problems in your electric wheelchair by preparing its gearboxes, gears, windings and all used materials in a completely professional manner. MotionTech is the preferred electric motor manufacturer all over the world with its motors, quality and longevity.

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Modern power wheelchair motors are structurally similar, but their performance may differ.
Lightweight electric wheelchairs use a 2-pole motor, while heavy-duty power wheelchairs use a 4-pole motor. The 4-pole motor offers greater carrying power and also has additional features.

Some users require heavy-duty power wheelchairs due to the extra weight. Heavy-duty power wheelchairs are extra reinforced to provide engine power and stability. The areas that require extra power in these products are the power chair motor, chassis, wheels, suspension and battery. The most common problem with heavy-duty power wheelchairs is motors that fail or fail under excessive weight if not properly designed.

Power wheelchairs use sealed lead acid batteries. There may also be wet or dry batteries with various Ampere outputs. Power chair batteries can be recharged using a standard electrical outlet. Electric wheelchairs are produced as rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive and center-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Rear and middle wheel drive power chairs are more effective on flat terrain. Front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive would be a better option for power wheelchairs to be used outdoors.

Most power wheelchairs are steered using a joystick (JoyStick). Other control options are available for some disabled people. There are power chair control units with head mounted controller, motion tube or computer display controller.

If you are going to use your electric chair for many years, you should carefully consider your options. Low quality power chair motors that do not meet the quality standards in the market, are cheap, and will let you down, not only cost more, but also endanger the safety of you and those around you . For this reason, Fulmaks never compromises on the quality of any of the equipment of the battery powered chairs it offers.

Different Power Chair Needs Require Different Motors

The power chair motor is usually located under the power chair seat and is connected to the controller (JoyStick). The controller proportionally supplies battery power directly to the motors. Individual differences in function, design and intent to use the equipment will typically dictate the type of motor and the amount of horsepower a particular power chair will need.

How powerful are wheelchair motors?

Standard-sized electric wheelchairs usually have dual, in-line motors and require a fair amount of horsepower. They are most suitable for routine indoor use by average sized riders weighing up to 100kg, but higher performance engines are available for overweight users.

Powered Chair Motor: MotionTech

PG Drives Technology, formerly known as Penny & Giles Drives Technology, began designing, manufacturing and marketing sophisticated motor speed controllers in 1976 and the company has grown to become the world’s leading supplier for this type of mobility vehicle. PG Drives Technology is a well-known JoyStick manufacturer for industrial and other specialist electric vehicles.

The company has invested in a modern design and manufacturing facility in the UK, a fully equipped sales and service facility in the US, and general support offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong; it also aims to establish authorized service centers, system integrators and distribution partners worldwide.

A commitment to providing the best in innovative control solutions means customers receive excellent support during the design and manufacture of their own products. State-of-the-art design tools and techniques are used extensively, resulting in fast and efficient development programs that can respond to changing market requirements. All products are designed to meet the latest international safety standards using design and manufacturing processes accredited to ISO 9001.

MotionTech electric motors are used in Fulmaks power wheelchairs. MotionTech manufactures the world’s best electric motors in its class.

Since starting as the manufacturing representative of motion control technology in 1987, Motion Tech Automation has consistently grown into a full-service motion control leader. Throughout this evolution, they have focused on motion control to ensure you find the right solution for the most complex needs. By combining motion control technology, product development and Factory under one roof, they provide organizations with all the tools they need.

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