Our Powered Wheelchair Technologies

Fulmaks is the manufacturer with the widest range of electric (battery powered) Wheelchair production and sales in Turkey. It does not compromise on the use of equipment with the highest segment technology in order to present the prices of the electric wheelchair.

Choosing strong Fulmaks designs when choosing a power wheelchair that will become a part of your life significantly increases your freedom by incorporating the latest technology into your needs. Our mobility features and reliability give you the highest powered wheelchairs that will provide you with a lifetime of reliability, comfort, ultimate mobility and freedom.

full equipment battery car headlights
full equipment battery powered chair seat
electric wheelchair lifter motor
battery powered wheelchair

Fulmaks battery wheelchair price policy never compromises on hardware quality and safety features during the production and factory stages of battery powered chairs. The determining factors in the prices of the electric chair are the model, more comfort and extra features.

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It is the most affordable model among the battery powered wheelchair prices. It does not compromise on quality.

Economic Powered wheelChair

Economic Battery Powered wheelChair – 7890 is our battery powered wheelchair model with the lowest price. Hardware quality has not been compromised. The chassis structure, engine power, battery, tires, comfort, carrying capacity and performance of this vehicle are limited to acceptable standards. It is one of the preferred battery chair models for donation.

    light folding power chair fulmaks 8001 model

    Middle Segment

    It is our mid-priced battery powered chair model. It has a special alloy foldable design.

    Lightweight, Folding Powered wheelChair 

    8001 folding power chair is our mid-priced folding and lightweight power wheelchair model. It is a lower version of the 8002 and is relatively inexpensive. 21 kg. It has great weight, making it ideal for travel and carrying in the trunk of a vehicle. Its light weight makes it easy to carry. Lithium batteries and aircraft material have titanium chassis.

    7860 plus power wheelchair


    It is a battery powered chair that can be considered cheap according to its performance and quality.

    Sport Design Powered wheelChair

    7860 and 7860 plus sport design are our models of German technology power wheelchairs. Its factory is made by Fulmaks and it has been put on sale since the beginning of 2020. The most important feature of the 7860 series is its price-quality performance. Although it has higher technology and capabilities than many of its counterparts, it is affordable.

    What is the cost of Battery Powered wheelChairs?

    Battery Powered WheelChair prices range from ₺5,500 to ₺12,500. (Fulmaks Battery Powered WheelChair Prices, as of January 2021) . Battery cars with mid-wheel drive systems are on average higher than those with front and rear wheels.

    High quality battery powered wheelchairs have many options such as recline, reclining and some of them can put the user in a standing position. Quality battery powered wheelchairs can also reach higher speeds, longer driving ranges on a single charge.

    Fulmaks uses the world’s best equipment in all battery powered wheelchairs it offers and guarantees safe use for each wheelchair for 3 years. Prices of Fulmaks power chairs are determined according to their extra features without sacrificing hardware quality.

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