Frequently Asked About Battery Power Wheelchairs

On this page, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the pricing and features of battery powered wheelchairs.

1. What is a power wheelchair ?

Battery powered wheelchairs are electrically powered wheelchairs connected to batteries and controlled by a joystick on the armrest of the seat. These motorized wheelchairs are easy to use and do not require the user to push the wheels with their hands to move them.

Although mainly used outdoors, these electric vehicles can also be used indoors and are easy to navigate in narrow spaces such as corridors and doors. Power wheelchairs can also be used by people who need to travel longer distances or rough terrain that would be difficult or tiring with a manual wheelchair.

2. How fast do power wheelchairs go?

The fastest power wheelchair can reach speeds of 12-16 km/h. Most power wheelchairs reach an average speed of 8 km/h.

3. How does a power wheelchair work?

The electric motors that drive the power chair are located behind or under the wheelchair’s seat and are powered by rechargeable batteries that provide enough power to last for about a day between charges.

Most power chairs come with a built-in charger that can be plugged into a standard wall outlet, and a joystick control hardware that regulates wheelchair speed and direction. Many power wheelchair manufacturers offer customized control options to meet the needs of users who do not have the ability to use a hand-operated joystick.

Electric seat drive systems can be front, centre, rear or all-wheel drive. The drive wheels are fixed in a single plane, and the guide wheels are often equipped with variable suspension springs and struts so that the wheels are grounded on uneven surfaces.

4. How much is the power wheelchair?

As of January 2022, power wheelchair prices may vary between 10,000 TL and 30,000 TL. The price of a power wheelchair depends on its size, weight, features and functions. A cheap power chair may cost no more than $10,000, but a high-end, heavy-duty power chair can cost around $30,000.

5. Does the insurance (SGK) cover the price of the Powered Chair?

SGK can pay for a battery powered wheelchair for patients who cannot use a manual wheelchair unaided, such as the disabled and/or muscle patients who cannot use their hands. Electric wheelchairs are not paid for disabled people who can use their hands.  If the disabled person cannot stand, has a disease or disability that prevents him from using his extremities, he can get a power chair from SGK. In addition, the cost of the power chair can be covered by the SGK in cases where the disabled person cannot use a manual wheelchair due to reasons such as one-sided dysfunction of the hand and arm, heart failure or coronary artery diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, or risks his health.

6. How long do power wheelchair batteries last?

A fully charged power chair battery can last between 12 and 25 hours, or about 16-30 km of use before recharging. It takes approximately 8-10 hours to fully charge the battery powered wheelchair pad.

Factors that can affect battery life

Battery age

Power wheelchair batteries older than 1.5 years and a month may need to be replaced. Batteries that have been used for more than 1.5 years start to hold a charge and need to be charged more frequently.

driver weight

The heavier the user, the more power the power chair must consume to move. The extra power puts more strain on the battery, so overweight users may need to replace their batteries more often.

land condition

When you drive your power chair on an uneven terrain, it needs more effort to overcome obstacles. This may drain your battery prematurely.

7. Can I take my power wheelchair anywhere?

You can take most power wheelchairs wherever you want. They are durable and built to withstand harsh conditions. However, some offer features that are more suitable for navigating rough terrain or indoors. There are models of folding power wheelchairs.

indoor power wheelchair

If most of your activity takes place indoors, a narrow power chair with mid-wheel drive is more suitable. Such chairs have better maneuverability for interiors with narrow corridors.

Terrain type power wheelchair

If you plan to use your power chair outdoors, in nature or on rough terrain, a power chair with larger wheels and front wheel drive is advantageous. All-terrain power chairs have large wheels that provide a smoother ride on hard ground.

folding power wheelchair

If you plan to travel frequently with your power chair, it is more convenient to buy a folding power wheelchair. This type of lightweight motorized power wheelchairs can be folded for car trunk or transport on the plane. Foldable power wheelchairs are relatively cheaper than heavy terrain models.

Battery powered wheelchair control options

Most standard power wheelchairs come with joystick controls. However, special models have multiple controller options. Round, mouselike compact joysticks or touchpad controls are more precise than standard joysticks. In addition, helmet-type control devices allow you to steer, accelerate and stop your power wheelchair by moving your head.

8. Types of battery powered wheelchairs

Standard power wheelchairs

Most standard power wheelchairs have padded rehab seats and joystick controls. Features vary by model, but on standard models you can generally expect 10 to 15 hours of battery life and speeds of around 8-9 km/h.

vertical wheelchairs

Upright or stand-up power wheelchairs are power wheelchairs that can hold the user in a vertical position. The standing position improves blood flow and expands reach. Versatile.

Children’s power wheelchairs

They are produced for children and are smaller power chairs that can be adjusted as the child grows. These wheelchairs are designed to accommodate the growth of a child.

9. Battery wheelchair dimensions

How large is the seating area of the battery powered chairs?

Battery powered wheelchairs are at least 60-65 cm wide. Some heavy and featured power wheelchairs will be a little wider.

How wide does a corridor have to be for a power chair to pass through?

The corridor and doors should be about 85 cm wide to comfortably carry the power chairs.

How tall are motorized wheelchairs?

Most power chairs have a seat height of 50-55 cm. In some battery powered chairs, the height of the chairs can be adjusted. Terrain types or models with some functions may be longer.

How heavy is a power wheelchair?

Most power wheelchairs weigh around 100-150 pounds. Some lightweight power wheelchairs are built to weigh less than 50 pounds to make traveling easier. There are folding power chairs weighing 26 kg. (See Fulmaks 8002) Heavy-duty power wheelchairs can weigh up to 180 kg.

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