Important Information

Don't be a victim of counterfeit products!

Power chair brands with Replica / Counterfeit equipment, which are widely available in the market, risk the safety of you and your loved ones and cost more with their short lifespan.

When purchasing a power chair, attention should be paid to the poor quality and fake equipment listed below.

Quality Limits for Power WheelChair Use

It is important that you choose products with original, quality equipment so that the money you pay when purchasing a power wheelchair, or if you are buying a power chair for donation, do not waste your donations. Here are the details you need to know in order to understand the quality of their equipment while examining the electric wheelchairs.

Don't Be a Victim with Replica / Imitation Equipped Products! 1 akülü sandalye

Beware of flimsy bodies (chassis)!

Battery powered chair chassis made of non-durable materials have a very short lifespan when used outdoors. It is resistant to impacts and vibrations on uneven surfaces. The quality of the electric chair chassis is also very important for the user to have a comfortable driving experience.

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Don't Be a Victim with Replica / Imitation Equipped Products! 3 akülü sandalye

Watch out for out-of-control fake JoySticks!

Imitation JoySticks, which can cause problems such as the joystick, which is the insult lever, getting out of control, loss of control when passing through tight spaces, and exposure to danger.

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Pay attention to the plastic wheels that do not hold on to the ground when going downhill!

The rubber-looking, but made of plastic, power chair wheels will slip when going downhill, throw your chair out of control and break apart in a short time. While researching the electric chair you will buy, it is necessary for your safety to examine the wheels and question the raw material.

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Beware of engines that burn on the ramp and do not hold the brakes on the slope!

It is very unlikely that the motors whose windings can burn while going up the ramp, whose gears are broken, and whose brakes do not hold while going downhill, have been supplied from a well-known manufacturer with international certificates. You can harm both yourself and your surroundings with the engines that do not hold the brakes while going downhill, overheat and burn out and get out of control.

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Beware of aftermarket batteries left on the road!

The charge holding and durability of the power chair battery depends on its quality, just like in automobiles. Especially for a disabled citizen traveling alone, staying on the road can start a troublesome process of returning home. It is very important that you question the quality of the battery, the charging time, and how far it can travel with a single charge, while purchasing your power chair, in order not to be victimized by poor quality, short-lived batteries that do not hold charge while walking outside.

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Beware of hot and combustible chargers!

When the chargers are not compatible with your battery or cannot do their job because they are supplied from a poor quality supplier, they not only prevent you from using your power chair efficiently, but also carry the risk of getting hot and even starting a fire.

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Can you save money by buying battery powered chairs that are below the quality standards?

In this article, we will talk about some important details that you should pay attention to so that you can compare price and quality when buying a battery powered wheelchair. Battery powered wheelchairs consist of 6 main parts. Each hardware is supplied from different manufacturers.

What are the Battery Powered WheelChair Equipments?

Piece 1 2 3 4
Joystick Controls Sensibility Maneuver Stopping Security
engines Durability Strength Brake Distance Security
Batteries Range Lifetime Performance Security
Chargers not warming up Quality Lifetime Security
tires Hold on to the Ground not to slip Comfort Security
Chassis Body Robustness Comfort Lifetime Security

Things to Ask When Buying a Powered WheelChair!

Is JoyStick control hardware original?

The most expensive equipment of the power wheelchair is JoyStics. Joysticks, the control equipment of electric wheelchairs, are high-tech products that only a few companies in the world can produce properly. Poor quality, counterfeit control equipment weakens the control of the power wheelchair, putting driving at risk.

If the ramp is forced up, will the engine hold up?

Power wheelchair equipment that lacks sufficient technology and does not have international certifications is at risk of being burned when forced up a ramp. It puts both the driver and the environment at risk. With Fulmaks original MotionTech motors, you can safely use your power wheelchair under difficult conditions.

Is the battery good quality and safe, can it fail?

Batteries are one of the most important parts of the electric wheelchair. It is the main power source and must be carefully selected. Poor quality batteries can let you down, create risks such as being caught in the current and burning. Fulmaks prefers long-lasting and safe battery brands that comply with international standards.

Does the charger pose a risk during charging?

Some companies sell their imitation products with plastic chargers in order to reduce the prices of the electric wheelchair. Non-original, poor quality, plastic chargers have a risk of fire, especially in the home environment.

Are the tires of good quality, do they hold on to the ground?

Poor quality electric wheelchair tires made of cheap plastic alloys have difficulty holding on to the ground. In sudden stops and turns, the driver may fall and be injured. The quality of pneumatic or silicone/polyurethane solid tires increases driving safety and comfort.

Is the body of the battery powered chair, the chassis solid, does it loosen?

Battery powered chair chassis must be durable enough to withstand the effects of rain, dust and uneven surfaces in outdoor conditions. Poor quality battery wheelchair bodies become loose after a while, disperse and put the driver at risk.

Do downhill brakes always hold?

The quality of the brake equipment integrated into the engines of electric wheeled vehicles becomes very important when driving on ramps. You don't want to sit in a power wheelchair that doesn't hold the brake. World-renowned MotionTech engine and brake equipment are used in Fulmaks products.

What are the qualities that power wheelchairs should have in order to have an acceptable longevity and not pose a risk to the driver and the environment?
  1. Static stability
  2. Dynamic stability of electric wheelchairs
  3. The effectiveness of the brakes
  4. Energy consumption of power wheelchair for determination of theoretical range range
  5. Dimensions, mass and maneuverability
  6. Maximum speed, acceleration and deceleration of electric wheelchairs
  7. Seat and wheel dimensions
  8. Requirements for static, impact and fatigue strengths
  9. Resistance to climatic conditions for electric wheelchairs
  10. Obstacle climbing ability of electrically powered wheelchairs
  11. Friction coefficient of test surfaces
  12. Power and control systems for powered wheelchairs and scooters
  13. Resistance to ignition of upholstered parts
  14. Wheeled mobility devices for use as seats in motor vehicles
  15. Requirements and test methods for electromagnetic compatibility of powered wheelchairs and scooters and battery chargers

The following power chair equipment is critical for safe use and the life of the vehicle. Although vehicles that are below the quality limits seem affordable, they create higher costs in the long run and may not only make our people's lives easier, but also endanger them.