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Would you like to get in touch? We would like to hear your requests from you. You can reach us through the following communication channels.

Fulmaks Direct Sales Line

Consult about power chair models, features and prices

You can use our direct sales line to take advantage of the products with the campaign and to get detailed information about everything before shopping.

Fumaks Support

Contact us for your after-sales support, change, spare parts needs

For purchasing, service, payment, after-sales support requests and spare parts supply, you can contact the following phones.

Fulmaks Disabled Vehicles, Battery Powered Wheelchair, Automotive Industry Tic. ltd. Sti.

Otosansit Industrial Site 8. Block No: 91.93 Yildirim / BURSA

Factory Phone
0224 346 01 36 – 0224 346 12 08
Sales Direct
0532 422 24 88
Working hours
Monday – Friday
08:30 – 18:00
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Power WheelChair purchase process
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