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Do not make a decision without examining Fulmaks Battery Powered Wheelchairs, which can offer quality and economical price together for single or bulk purchases. Your donation with Fulmaks products will be remembered with gratitude for many years.

Donate a Power Wheelchair

Why Fulmaks

The economical price of Fulmaks Battery Powered Chairs does not compromise on quality. All electronic and mechanical equipment has international certificates and has been imported from the best manufacturers in the world. Donations can be made with confidence.

Electronic Hardware

Fulmaks uses electronic equipment produced by proven brands with international certificates in all products it manufactures or assembles.

MotionTech is one of the world’s leading electric motor manufacturers. MotionTech electric motors, which we use as a standard in all our power chairs, have a long life and high performance. energy consumption, acceleration and deceleration are balanced, it is not difficult on ramps, it is safe.

The quality of JoySticks, that is, the control devices of battery powered chairs, is very important in terms of safety and driving comfort. The sensitivity of the sub-industry JoyStick controls is usually not at the desired level and it deteriorates quickly, can put the driver in troubled situations and endanger his safety. 

PG JoyStiick is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of battery powered chair controllers. PG manufactures control consoles not only for battery powered wheelchairs, but also for vehicles with much more sensitive technologies such as airplanes and helicopters. PG JoyStick is used in all Fulmaks battery powered wheelchairs.

Durable Batteries

2 Long Brand high quality battery batteries are used in Fulmaks Cordless Chairs. Long Batteries are produced with advanced technology. It is effective with its advanced 4BS switch technology Polar Sheet structure, and it is long-lasting with its advanced AGM structure. It is the most advanced design in its class with its UL94 HB class fireproof and steel hardened casing and high reliability valve design. The terminal structure is produced to serve you for many years.

Chargers are one of the most sensitive parts of power chairs. As with phones, the originality and quality of chargers are factors that directly affect battery performance and safety. 

Where Can I Donate a Power Wheelchair?

Electric wheelchair donation can be a great choice in terms of the happiness it will bring to those in need. In addition, there are many organizations in our country that will graciously accept power wheelchairs.

In addition, non-governmental organizations that support the disabled can deliver your battery chair donations to those in need.

What You Need to Know About Power WheelChair Donation